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Some basic facts of life:
Fact: Our body’s cells are dying at a rate of billions per day and are replaced.
Fact: The new replacement cells are shorter lived than the ones they replaced.
Fact: This process continues until we die.

Now consider these facts:
Fact: Our bodies are made of dozens of elements.
Fact: Our farm soils are depleted of most of these elements and only three elements are routinely replaced to maximize crop yields.
Fact: If many of our body’s required elements are not in farm soils, they are not in our food.

These are some of the reasons why our knowledgeable members supplement their diet with Nutrascope. Not only does Nutrascope contain every element you need to stay healthy; its powerful ingredients are activated with T. J. Clark’s Legendary Catalyst. This is the same catalyst that was an integral part of the food growing in Earth’s original gardens.


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